Student Engagement & Retention

Hobsons Solutions - Acquisition | Student Engagement & Retention | Performance works with you to transform and future-proof the way you market, acquire, engage, convert and retain students through data-driven decision-making processes.

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Digital Strategy

An effective lead generation strategy to ensure you get cut through online, find the right student, then recruit and retain them.

"I happened to come across the university at the right time in the right place. It's almost like they knew I’d be there."

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Enquiry Management

Build and manage relationships with students through a personalised inbound and outbound communication and engagement strategy.

"The university personalised their service, supporting me through each step. It felt like they genuinely cared."

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Assess student applications to your institution with this integrated and bespoke admissions solution.

"They made the application process easy, assisting me to make sure I met the entry requirements and completed the application to my preferred university."

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Offer Conversion

A proactive outbound service that converts student applications into enrolled students.

"It’s great to have someone follow up my application. It shows that they really want me to go to their university. This gave me the confidence to take the next step and accept my offer."

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Student Engagement and Retention

A tailored service to help you minimise attrition rates and increase student satisfaction.

"The phone calls, encouragement and sound advice helped me get through my time at uni. I felt included and not alone."

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